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January 7, 2022 | Hunt Country Vineyards

Hunt Country Partners with D.C. Film Festival

Image of person presenting film to a theater full of people.

We are thrilled to begin 2022 by announcing that we are partnering with the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital (DCEFF) for a virtual conversation about the effects of climate change on wine and how sustainable practices and diversity in grapes can help ensure the future of fine wine. DCEFF is the world’s premier showcase of environmentally themed films since 1993 and hosts the world's largest environmental film festival every March.

"Climate change is impacting every part of our lives, including what we eat and drink," says Christopher Head, DCEFF Executive Director. "In partnering with Hunt Country Vineyards, DCEFF is hoping not only to bring attention to these effects, but also to learn from and talk about ways that we can mitigate these changes to protect our planet."

The conversation will feature Suzanne Hunt, co-owner of Hunt Country Vineyards, and will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 2, from 8:00 to 9:00 pm EST. With each "Wine and Conversation" ticket purchase, participants will receive a trio of wines from our Uncharted Terroir line of wines.

"When I lived in D.C., I loved going to this festival," Suzanne says. "Film is such a powerful medium for informing and inspiring people about the most critical issues of our time. We're thrilled to be teaming up with the world's premiere environmental film festival for this conversation."

Join us for "Wine and Conversation" with DCEFF.

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Hunt Country Vineyards
September 28, 2021 | Hunt Country Vineyards

Hunt Country joins International Wineries for Climate Action

Image of Hunt Country Vineyards winery and barns from across a field.

We are thrilled to announce that Hunt Country Vineyards is joining International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA), a working group taking collective action to decarbonize the global wine industry. We are the first winery in New York state to become an applicant member of IWCA, and one of just 12 new applicant members from around the globe who have committed to addressing the climate crisis by taking immediate steps to reduce their carbon emissions.

Miguel A. Torres, President of Familia Torres, says that when he and Katie Jackson of Jackson Family Wines co-founded IWCA in February 2019, they wanted to act and move beyond simply talking about the urgency of climate change.

“Our goal was to gather the most environmentally committed wineries, and we hoped our initiative would work as a boost for other wineries to accelerate or start their carbon emissions reduction programs," Torres says. "It is therefore great to see that now with 12 new applicant members joining, we are more than 20 wineries worldwide. We are convinced that this will have a multiplier effect."

The Hunt family and team are proud to be part of this international group of rockstar wineries committed to tackling the most pressing issue of our lifetimes.

"We have been working for many years to address climate change in all aspects of our farm and business," says Suzanne Hunt, co-owner of Hunt Country Vineyards and an international climate policy and sustainability expert. "We're thrilled to team up with other wineries around the world who are tackling the same challenges. As a small family-run business we're able to be nimble, but as part of a larger industry effort we'll be able to develop critical mass in creating demand for products and services like lower-carbon glass bottles, packaging, and shipping options. We're excited to be able to share our own expertise and learn from the expertise of others."

The Hunt family has been farming for seven generations, crafting wine since 1981, and is one of the founding families of the Finger Lakes wine region in New York. We continue to be focused on managing our vineyards and business as part of a complete and healthy ecosystem. We produce the majority of our electricity with 348 solar panels, heat and cool with an award-winning geothermal system, provide EV charging stations to customers, focus on soil carbon sequestration and sustainable vineyard practices, and have certified some sections of the farm and vineyards organic. In 2020, we received the NY Wine & Grape Foundation's Sustainability Award.

Click here to read the full press release on the new IWCA applicant members.

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Hunt Country Vineyards
May 31, 2018 | Hunt Country Vineyards

Hunt Country gives $1,400 to Finger Lakes Museum

Thank you for helping to support the Finger Lakes Museum

Last week we handed a check for $1,400 to the Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium to support their mission of sparking curiosity and facilitating personal engagement with the natural wonders of the Finger Lakes. Thank you to everyone who bought wine in our tasting room and through our website during the month of April. You helped make this gift possible!

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Hunt Country Vineyards
April 2, 2018 | Hunt Country Vineyards

Hunt Country supports Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium with a portion of sales in April

Turtle on log in Sugar Creek by Finger Lakes Museum.

This April, Hunt Country Vineyards will be giving a portion of all sales made during the month to their neighbor down the hill: the Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium. It's the beginning of a partnership between a local business and organization that share a common mission for promoting and protecting the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes.

"We are thrilled to establish this partnership with the Hunts," says Natalie Payne, executive director of FLM&A since 2015.

The Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium is not your standard collection of exhibits and displays. Instead, it's currently a museum without walls. Its sole purpose is to spark curiosity and provide personal engagement with the natural wonders of the Finger Lakes. Yes, FLM&A is renovating the old elementary school in Branchport as its headquarters and has recently constructed a beautiful new barn on its campus along the banks of Sugar Creek. But these buildings are merely the jumping-off point for much bigger adventures: kayak trips through the wetlands and on the lake, guided woodland walks, and birding and photography classes, all led by expert guides and volunteers.

"Getting out on the water or into the trees is the best way for people to truly fall in love with this place," says Payne.

"It's exciting to collaborate with an organization that shares our passion for both the cultural and natural history of the region," says Suzanne Hunt, director of strategic development at Hunt Country Vineyards and a global consultant on renewable energy. She is the younger daughter of Art and Joyce Hunt, who started the winery in 1981.

The Hunt family has been farming on the west side of Keuka Lake for seven generations. The Hunts are committed to responsible, sustainable farming and production practices. They've installed award-winning solar and geothermal systems to reduce their use of fossil fuels. They make extensive use of mulch and compost in the vineyards to increase soil health. And they're increasing habitat for bees, birds and other wildlife all around the farm to create a more resilient environment in which to grow grapes.

"We depend on clean air and water, healthy soil, and a stable climate to make great wines," says Hunt. "As the museum educates visitors about all of the functions and services that these ecosystems provide — and that we all depend on — hopefully they will inspire more thoughtfulness about how our individual actions combine to create huge collective impacts."

"I’m extremely encouraged by the continued show of support from local organizations for the museum, particularly from Hunt Country Vineyards," says Payne. "The Hunts' history and success is exactly the kind of story that the museum will share and showcase as we continue to grow."

To purchase wine and support the Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium, visit the tasting room at Hunt Country Vineyards or shop online at during the month of April. To learn more about the museum and all of the programs that will be offered this spring and summer, visit

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