YOGA at Hunt Country Vineyards
with Instructor, Jan Corning

Date & Time:

Winter 2022 through 2023

Due to limited capacity, winter yoga requires registration.  If you are interested in participating, please call or email us for information:
315-595-2812  |

About the Instructor, Jan Corning:

Jan received her certification from Ohra Studios in Bedford, NY in 2019 after practicing Yoga for ten years.  She teaches a fitness based vinyasa flow at a level half.  So, there is some challenge, but modifications are always offered.  More advanced positions are rarely included in Jans class because she likes to keep the asanas available to everyone.  She focusses on building strength, while increasing flexibility, and also focusing as always, on the breath.  Her goal when teaching is to have the students feel as if they worked at something, and accomplished it!