Wine is an intimate part of every evening meal at Hunt Country Vineyards

Recipe Collection from Hunt Country Vineyards

At our kitchen table, wine is never an afterthought. It’s an intimate part of every evening meal. Because when you bring together the right combination of food and wine, they’re even better together than on their own. We want our wines to be part of the meals that regularly fill your table, too. So here are some of our favorite recipes. Enjoy.


Joyce's Corn Chowder Joyce's Curried Chicken Salad Riesling Srimp Tarragon
Cream Sherry or Dolce di Moscato Vignoles Dry Riesling or Semi-Dry Riesling


 Appetizers & Salads  
 Chef Paul's White Grape Salsa  Dolce di Moscato
 Caroline's Blueberry Soup  Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Late Harvest Vignoles
 Foxy Lady Chicken Wings  Foxy Lady Blush/White
 Hunt Country Sherried Crostini  Cream Sherry
 Joyce's Black Bean & Corn Salad  SD Riesling, Valvin Muscat, Cayuga White
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 Chef Paul's Cajun Chicken, Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo  Vignoles 
 Chef Paul's Roasted Vegetable Soup  Hunter's Red, Cream Sherry
 Harvest Festival Vegetarian Bean Soup  Pearl, Chardonnay, Alchemy, Classic Red
 Hunt Country Classic Company Vegetable Beef Soup  Classic Red, Cab Franc, Hunter's Red
 Hunt Country Hearty Wine Meatball Soup  Alchemy, Classic Red, Hunter's Red
 Hunt Country Jerk Chicken Soup  Cream Sherry, Cayuga White, Vignoles
 Hunt Country Lobster Vegetable Bisque  Cream Sherry, Chardonnay
 Hunt Country Split Pea & Corned Beef Soup  Cream Sherry
 Joyce's Corn Chowder  Cream Sherry, Dolce di Moscato
 Joyce & Carolyn Hunt's Curried Squash Soup  Cayuga White, S-Dry Riesling, Valvin Muscat
Suzanne Hunt's Acorn Squash Soup Cream Sherry
Vegan Curried Squash Soup Cream Sherry, Pearl, Semi-Dry Riesling
 Zola Crab Nage  Dry Riesling
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 Side Dishes & Sauces  
 Chris's Mango Salsa  Pinot Gris
 Durgin-Park Cornbread  Classic Red, Hunter's Red, Cab Franc
 Hunt Country Italian Stuffed Bread  Classic Red, Hunter's Red
 Hunt Country Mushroom Wine Sauce  Meritage, Cab Franc, Classic Red
 Joyce's Tangy Sauce/Glaze  Cayuga White, Pearl, Semi-Dry Riesling
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 Chef Paul's Grilled Chicken Breast with Tomato Tapenade  Chardonnay, Chardonnay Champagne
 Chef Paul's Grand Slam Bison & Cabernet Sauté  Cabernet Franc, Meritage
 Chef Paul's Roast Pork Loin with Yellow Tomatoes  Seyval Blanc
 Cornell Barbecued Chicken  Seyval Blanc, Chardonnay, Cayuga White
 Dieter's Delight Perch Filets  Cayuga White
 Dr. Susan Henry's Roasted Pork Tenderloin  Valvin Muscat
 Foxy Lady Hamburgers  Foxy Lady Red
 Foxy Picante Pork  Foxy Lady White
 Friday Night Stir Fry  Semi-Dry Riesling, Dolce di Moscato
Tofu & Veggies Stir Fry with Spicy Peanut Sauce Dolce di Moscato
 Greg's Asparagus & Pinola Pasta  Vignoles
Curried Ground Beef with Pasta  Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, Vignoles
 Hunt Country Barbecued Chicken  Seyval Blanc, Hunter's Red
 Hunt Country Beefcake  Meritage, Classic Red
 Hunt Country Braised Beef Short Ribs  Alchemy, Classic Red, Cab Franc
 Hunt Country Chicken Breasts in Riesling Cream Sauce  Dry Riesling, Semi-Dry Riesling
 Hunt Country Chicken Noodle Casserole with Spinach  Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc
 Hunt Country Chili on the Go  Classic Red, Hunter's Red
 Hunt Country Easy Swiss Fondue  Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc
 Hunt Country Italian Dinner  Chardonnay, Hunter's Red
 Hunt Country Korean Steak  Cab Franc, Classic Red, Hunter's Red
 Hunt Country Orange & Ginger Glazed Pork Chops  Dry Riesling, Semi-Dry Riesling
 Hunt Country Pork Normande  Dry Riesling, Semi-Dry Riesling
 Hunt Country Pork Tenderloin Pechah  Seyval Blanc, Semi-Dry Riesling, Vignoles
 Hunt Country Quiche with Garden Vegetables  Dry Riesling, Semi-Dry Riesling
 Hunt Country Riesling Shrimp Tarragon  Dry Riesling, Semi-Dry Riesling
 Hunt Country Shrimp Teriyaki  Cayuga White, Semi-Dry Riesling
 Hunt Country Snow Crab Quiche  Cream Sherry, Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc
 Hunt Country Spicy Cayuga Pork Steaks  Cayuga White
 Hunt Country Suprêmes de Volaille Véronique  Seyval Blanc
 Hunt Country Suprêmes de Poulet Gratinées  Semi-Dry Riesling, Chardonnay
 Hunt Country Swiss & Cheddar Fondue  Seyval Blanc
 Hunt Country Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio  Vignoles
 Italy Hill Pan-Seared Chicken Thighs  Seyval Blanc, Pearl
 Joyce's Curried Chicken Salad  Vignoles, Cayuga White
 Pasta Aglio e Olio  Valvin Muscat
 Pesto Chicken Salad  Seyval Blanc
 Westlake Curried Coconut Chicken  Vignoles, Cayuga White
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 Caroline's Blueberry Soup  Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Late Harvest Vignoles
 Carolyn's Quick Peaches  Hunter's Red
 Foxy Lady Chilled Cantaloupe & Raspberry Soup  Foxy Lady Red
 Foxy Lady Chocolate Velvet  Foxy Lady White, Ruby Port
 Foxy Lady Crème Brûlée  Foxy Lady Blush, Cream Sherry
 Grandma Hanny's Double Chocolate Mousse Cake  Ruby Port, Cabernet Franc
 Hunt Country Buckwheat Walnut Bars  Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Late Harvest Vignoles
 Hunt Country Butterscotch Bars  Cream Sherry
 Hunt Country Chocolate Espresso Brownies  Ruby Port, Cabernet Franc
 Hunt Country Ginger Crisps  ---
 Hunt Country Ice Cream Pie  ---
 Hunt Country Late Harvest Fruit Salad  Late Harvest Vignoles
 Hunt Country Pears stuffed with Gorgonzola  Cream Sherry, Ruby Port
 Hunt Country Texas Sheet Cake  Cabernet Franc
 Hunt Country Vidal Peach Tart  Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
 Joyce's German-Iced Chocolate Cake  Ruby Port, Cream Sherry
 Joyce's Rhubarb Crisp  Late Harvest Vignoles, Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
 Landmarc Chocolate Mousse  Late Harvest Vignoles
 Lavender Shortbread Cookies  ---
 Mary's Vignoles Cheesecake  Vignoles, Late Harvest Vignoles
 Suzanne's Chocolate Mousse  Ruby Port
 United Nations Maple Bread Pudding  Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
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25th Anniversary Harvest Festival  
Grape Chutney (pairs with Lake Country Eggrolls)  
Lake Country Eggrolls  
Vegetarian Chili  
Vera's Blueberry Delight ---
Foxy Lady Fuzzy Foxy Lady White
Foxy Lady Hot Mulled Wine Foxy Lady Red
Foxy Lady Sangria Fox Lady Red
Foxy Lady Slushies Foxy Lady Red/White
Foxy Lady Strawberry Rosé Foxy Lady Red
Grandma Hanny's Manhattan Cream Sherry
Hunt Country Orange Frost Cayuga White
Hunt Country White Sangria Seyval Blanc
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