What is Uncharted Terroir?

Terroir is the expression of the land and climate embodied in the flavor of the wine. Like a fingerprint, it is unique. The terroir of our wines reflects the quality of the land and is the product of our family’s tradition of stewardship. In this sense, terroir is the history and flavor of a place, captured in each bottle.

Uncharted Terroir™ embodies our family’s tradition of land stewardship, as we pioneer flavor identities in the Finger Lakes region and navigate the realities of an ever-changing climate to produce the highest quality wines.

Our Uncharted Terroir™ wines are made from regional grape varieties that are hearty and rugged, demonstrating their ability to thrive under tough conditions, while also producing excellent, delicious wines.

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And here's a presentation we gave at Yale University on what the wine industry is doing to adapt to a changing climate and our own efforts to mitigate the impacts: "Winemaking is going into Uncharted Terroir™"(It takes a few moments to open.)