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Our animals are so much a part of the tradition of our family and farm. It's hard to express the joy they bring us.

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Hedy is our new Bernese Mountain Dog (or just "Berner"), a wonderful old Swiss breed descended from the Newfoundland and Great Pyrenees. Joyce found her at a regional shelter. Hedy is our Official Greeter and she loves her job unconditionally. She is six years old, and a sweeter dog there just can't be.

Molly, the Great Dane of Jonathan and Caroline Boutard Hunt, is now six years old and 125 pounds, but still a happy rollicking puppy with absolutely no idea how big she really is. Mouse, their 9-pound Rat Terrier, is more focused on the possibility of a rodent escaping his watch than on his giant, younger “sister”.  If you have visited the farm and winery over the past few years, we hope you were able to meet Gus, who passed away in February 2009.

Ari and Annie enjoy grazing in the pasture and trail riding - whenever Joyce can find a friend to ride along!

Freddy, the five-year-old Standard Poodle of our marketing manager Jim Alsina, also comes occasionally to the winery for the day, particularly when Jim's wife Cecilia visits her native Argentina. When Jim can coordinate schedules, Freddy and Molly love to play together. They charge through the vineyards, raise a cloud of dust or splash mud on the dirt road, and eventually collapse in exhaustion, with tongues "fully deployed" and a grin of satisfaction on their faces.

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